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Exception lifecycle

When an exception is thrown, differents things happen :

  • The error is logged in the Error table
  • The error is logged in the server default log file. (i.e /var/log/apache2/error.log)
  • The database transaction is rolled back.
  • Sugoi displays the error page.

The Error table

Thanks to dbadmin, you can easily browse your project's errors by accessing this URL : http://localhost/db/sugoi.db.Error/search

It's up to you to create a page in the admin section to display the error history.

Error page

The error page is handled by the error.mtt template

Exception class

Haxe does not provide an Error or Exception class out of the box. Most of the Std code of Haxe will throw simple String messages.

We recommend using Tink Errors.

Read here a short tutorial on how you can use this library.