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Sugoï is a web framework for Haxe.

It's a simple, straightforward and unbloated MVC framework with very few dependencies. It's perfect to build web applications with MySQL/MariaDB.

Sugoï means super or awesome in japanese. I chose this name because this framework is actually awesome ;-). It's also related to other japanese words in the Haxe world like Neko (cat) or Tora (tiger)

Install and discover

haxelib git sugoi

Install the sugoi-demo project to understand the basics. It can also be used as a boilerplate for starting new sugoi projects.

For an easy setup of the full stack (Apache+NekoVm+MySQL), you can use this Docker image or setup a server manually







Originaly, it was a web framework named “mtBase” used at Motion Twin for all the company's websites (webgames). When I left the company in 2014, the team allowed me to open-source most of it.

Most of the original code has been written by Nicolas Cannasse and Pascal Peridont.

Form management classes has been added by François Barbut (current Sugoi maintainer),by forking POKO, an old web framework project by Tarwin Stroh-Spijer and Tony Polinelli.


Tested for Haxe 3.4.2, for Neko and PHP targets

Works fine with MySQL 5.5 and 5.6. If you want to use MySQL 5.7, you need to disable strict mode, because of these issues

Note : currently the new PHP7 target cannot compile with dbadmin


  • sugoi-demo project a simple demo/boilerplate sugoï website
  • , an open source web app for a local and sustainable food system (french)
  • Idées Chapatiz an interface to submit new ideas from the community of (french)


Feel free to contact me on Twitter or by mail.

Contributions are welcome thru Github